Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Introducing friendlyITsolutions :-)

As you might have read in my linkedin profile I started my own company called friendlyITsolutions.

After several years working for start ups, System Integrations etc I finally wanted to follow my own directions and make my own strategic decision, hopefully good ones. The last couple of months I was and still am working hard to set it up and get new customers, project, contract etc. Of course I keep myself recommended if you interested in Dynamics CRM or have interested proposal or contract let me know :-))

Nevertheless I still keep doing the same thing: thinking, creating, building and realizing nice solutions based on Dynamics CRM or should I say xRM solutions. Integrating it with other products with Scribe Insight and make it available to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone with CWR Mobility.

I also not only think of making money (which is still nice though), gettin customers but I also like to contribute to the society. I have adopted a Goeldi Tamarin (yes google it yourself :-P) from the Artis ZOO in Amsterdam. More details on my website you can find here...-> www.friendlyitsolutions.nl (in English, so you can read it and yes I prefered .com domain, but some other people using it.. :-(( )

In the mean time I am proud to achieve three partnerships with Scribe Software, CWR Mobility and the third is a partnership with the company of my former colleague Hans Veldman and his company called Hans Veldman Consultancy Solutions, guess we both like long names ;-)) You can read on his website & his blog that he got interesting partnerships with SalesCentric & WaveAccess.

So enough commercial time, get back to what ever you were doing... you could visit my website now ;-))

Coming up reviews of two new released books

A few weeks ago I was asked by SAMS publishing to review two of there new released books. By end of the weeks of last week I got the copies. The first was "Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in 24 hours", which remembered me of the series I did use a lot in my carreer(12+ years) for HTML, JavaScript and more recent C# :)

To my surprise it was written by Anne Stanton(yes aka crmlady), so I just gave it quick look, but my review will follow later. Very curious what tips & tricks I could learn :-)

The second one really got my attention because it was called "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 Integration" by Marc J. Wolenik & Rajya Vardhan Bhaiya and it has topics about SharePoint and my fav tool Scribe Insight. In my quick look I also so remarketed term xRM e.g. extending crm.. which we did already in 3.0....

I hope to write something about by end of next week.

Keep reading books :-)

PS Just finished Dan Brown's Lost Symbol

Interesting (Mobile) Solutions by MobiConverge

Think about already 1,5 month ago I was introduced to company from Finland called MobiConvergewho offering two interesting products mobiConverge & reportConverge.


This product makes CRM data available on pc or smartphone when receiving a call or when calling a client. The relevant data of the customer will be openend automatically which saves a lot of time looking it up manually in Dynamics CRM. This would be very handy in customer service department, booking etc.


This product gathers information from (mobile) phones and sends it to a central server. You can run reports and analyse your gathered data, which can give you inside in tele sales, sales team and help desk performance.

I think both products are very interesting, because they give simple and straight forward functionality that would be benefiet to your organization. More information on the website of mobiConverge.

Of course curious if you already use their products and what your experience is, feel free to add in comments.

Enjoy to converge ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stairway to 'CWR Mobility' Heaven

It was very busy last week. First the Convergence on Thursday and Friday xRM event of Microsoft. Nevertheless, I did attend the partner training of CWR Mobility instead, which was more interesting than hearing the xRM e.g. CRM with new marketing flavour ;-)

Of course it was late Thursday night after eating with Matt Valentine (Microsoft US), Ronald Lemmen (Avanade) & Hans Veldman(Hans Veldman Consultancy Solutions) in heart of Amsterdam. Next morning driving to Rotterdam again...

I remembered the address, because I had been there before, but this was heaven compared to the shabby location of Microsoft Convergence the day before. The weather was good and you had great view over the port of Rotterdam (see photos), really amazing. Good start with coffee and donuts :)
The days was divided in several blocks containing sessions, sometimes focused on sales & technical oriented consultants. A good lunch and nice afternoon and the final of the sessions.

I think I could safely speak for all people who did attend that this day was excellent and looking forward to partner day part II :) More details of the event at CWR Mobility blog


At the end of the day we were invited to join CWR Mobility for diner at Hotel New York, which was delicious & good choice too.

In conclusion a very nice partner event organised by CWR Mobility. An excellent location,food, good and interesting program. And I am now also certified partner (friendlyITsolutions.nl) & trained professional as bonus, what more we can wish for :-)

Convergence "Credit Crunch" at Rottterdam (NL)

Last Thursday it was finally the time to visit the Convergence. I was very curious what they had organized this time. It was typical bad weather day stormy & rainy. The location was next to train station, but it was in old shabby former hotel. The registration was at first floor and to my surprise the rooms were situated on first and seventh floor(!).

The sponsors were also divided on two seperate floors on asle which were too small. Some were placed next to entry/exit of room which made it almost impossible to ask something if people were attending or exiting the room. So, the location was as worse as the weather.

Hightlight were some new companies (at least for me). My personal favorite was Team Knowledge Limited.

Guess, you would say the food is always good at Microsoft? This time it was not too bad, some Dutch local food, but unfortunately served too cold too.

The speakers were a lot better than last year, but the topics were mainly focussed on xRM and sales & marketing and not too technical. It might be nice to have some MSDN like event for Dynamics...

See, now waiting on next Convergence, but not sure if I will attend yet...