Friday, February 18, 2011

The Scribe way to heaven

Moving to the cloud or back
Yesterday, I attended the partner update of Scribe. Of course I was already awareof most development, but I will share them with you :-)

Guess, in all overwhelming release news we just add some more :) By end of next month the new adapter for CRM 2011 will be release and this one will also supported new features like sharepoint, team ownership etc. For all basic thins you still can use the CRM 4.0 adapter.

They also going to release new feature called "Scribe RS", which stands for Scribe Replication Services. I did participate in beta and it's great feature. You could use RS for replicating your CRM database from Cloud to on-premise db for BI, reporting, backups. In this cause your CRM application will not be influences by performance issues and you can query, make awesome cubs or build your custom BW database. Oh, and its free... check it out here.

Now you can can migrate, integrate and replicate with Scribe, why you need Biztalk?

BTW : I am already preaching for my speciality. My company is also listed now as certified partner should be obvious which one it is.

Shameless promotion.... don't you love it :)

CRM Online for everyone?

CRM Online wants you 

I signed up for the CRM Online Beta and you got 5 licenses. It worked great, did some testing, discovering, participate in scribe online beta. It all worked great.

Guess, all beta users received the offer to upgrade two months free, discount rates etc. They know how to sell it :) I only noticed that you had to buy 5 licenses... mmm I am only one, why I need 5? Lucky, I found some posting that you could also could lower the licenses.

A call to crm service desk and they help you and.... omg, now I have only 1 license for my CRM online... that's cool :-)

Guess,now you out of excuses ;)

Finally CRM 2011 / CRM Online has been released

I attended the official launch event of CRM 2011 two days ago. Of course nothing really new, but more promotion of partners who already made or were in process of making solution for CRM 2011.

So what did I remember of it? The most 'remember-able' thing was the closing. The presenters of the sessions held that day were asked to give some tips/advice about CRM(2011). Sadly only a few answer the question correctly. Most just did a sales pitch and praised their on solution. I hope they listen better to their customers!

You can try it yourself by downloading or just try CRM Online yourself :-)

Interesting links:

Download software
SDK 2011
Implementation Guide

Not know what new features are? Check this videos of Sonoma Partners
Overview of video's.

Happy discovering :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes the blog is back!

Guess you might have seen things like "this domain is registered" or "dit domein is geregistreerd" when hoping to see my blog ;)

Sorry about that but I moved my domain name to another provider and was a bit to quick in changing some DNS settings.... which were restored to defaults again .. so just had everything changed as it should be.

Nevertheless we are back, reachable again. So, just working on some new integrations based on Scribe, involved in low budget data migration using the 'awesome' crm import wizard :-(

So, expect some new posts soon!

PS Attending the official CRM 2011 Launch at February 16th in The Netherlands