Convergence "Credit Crunch" at Rottterdam (NL)

Last Thursday it was finally the time to visit the Convergence. I was very curious what they had organized this time. It was typical bad weather day stormy & rainy. The location was next to train station, but it was in old shabby former hotel. The registration was at first floor and to my surprise the rooms were situated on first and seventh floor(!).

The sponsors were also divided on two seperate floors on asle which were too small. Some were placed next to entry/exit of room which made it almost impossible to ask something if people were attending or exiting the room. So, the location was as worse as the weather.

Hightlight were some new companies (at least for me). My personal favorite was Team Knowledge Limited.

Guess, you would say the food is always good at Microsoft? This time it was not too bad, some Dutch local food, but unfortunately served too cold too.

The speakers were a lot better than last year, but the topics were mainly focussed on xRM and sales & marketing and not too technical. It might be nice to have some MSDN like event for Dynamics...

See, now waiting on next Convergence, but not sure if I will attend yet...