Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Go Mobile

In my work as consultant I got many questions about the usability of mobile devices. Especially in Europe you will see lately the promotion of device that can be constant online with access to (high) speed internet.

There are two solutions available for the 3.0 version of MS CRM a 'browser' and a 'Windows Mobile' based solution. For devices (smartphones, Palm, Blackberry) that support html 4.0 you could use Offline Mobile Express client (see CRM_MobileExpress. Mobile devices running on 'Windows Mobile' could use Offline Mobile Sales Client (see CRM 3.0 Mobile Datasheet).

From an user perspective I would recommend presenting not to much data, because the screen is very small. It works better with devices where you can flip your screen from horizontal to vertical so more space is available. For example the HTC P4350 Pocket PC Phone

Update - March 19th 2007
Another mobile solution for MS CRM 3.0 comes form CWR Mobility, reviewed last year by Ronald Lemmen

The new VPC 2007

For development or demos I rely always on my small portable harddisk. This is the source of my images, which are customized for my clients.

So today finally got time for installing the new version of VPC. First turned off all images as suggested in blog of Menno, uninstall 2004 version and waiting for finishing the 2007 version.

After the install has finished you have to add all your images again, too bad that there is not one file which add all your existing images, or maybe I overseen some functionality.

Now restarting the May image, which requires a lot of internal memory. I wonder how many gigs of internal memory you have on your laptop. I have to do with 2gigs, but that is already slow.... I have to turn off all other programs to start this image, but in the future I should get 4gig... so maybe that will gonna be faster :)

More about my experience in later post.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hotel Madness

One of the downsides of being an Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant is that you have to travel to your client. People always say it's nice to travel to different cities, countries etc. but somehow you always end up in some hotelroom at the wrong side of the town. So after checking your mail, watching the news for the third time, you start a blog....

So here it is and hopefully I can keep posting my discoveries in the magical world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.