Monday, June 21, 2010

new layout :)

Did got some time left and saw the new background designer, so this is what you get ;)

Yes, that's way I stick to consulting ;)

Latest musing about scoping for enterprise solutions..

Last week my latest musing was published at Guess most of use are involved in complex projects where multiple applications are implemented and need to be integrated too.

My musing about scoping issues etc can be found here!

Keep scoping my way ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Working/testing newest version of Scribe Insight

Of course I am always interested in newer versions of software and yes Scribe Insight is still one of my favs to migrate or integrate.

Currently working with Release Candidate and many improvements are coming. The official release is scheduled for end of June.

Some more details can be found on the Scribe blog

Returning as speaker @ Decisions Fall 2010

The virtual convergence Decisions Spring 2010 was very successful and due to this fact it will be back in Fall 2010, of course with the obvious name: Decisions Fall 2010 which starts November 3rd.

I will be speaking again at this event of course joined by many others.

Mark it in your calender and best thing its virtual, so no crappy hotels, expensive tickets :-)

More information at Decisions Fall 2010