Thursday, May 31, 2012

Simply jump for (Scribe) AX-CRM integration

At the end of the month Scribe is releasing, yes it is still  May 31st here, the new integration between CRM 2011 and AX 2012.

Most interesting change from technical point of view that for the integration the web services adapter is used and primary keys are stored in source and target system.

The web service adapter is one of the very interesting and useful integration options of Scribe Insight. It gives you many opportunities to integrate with all kind of other application.

Of course we like to have integration 'out of the box' and we know that could be hard to achieve, I won't mention Microsoft Connectors here ;-)

Luckily, Jumpstart makes it easy to set up your basic integration(s). In a nutshell the solutions comes with  the components for CRM 2011, AX 2012 and Scribe Insight to setup your integration. Next you have to do a little configuration and you up and running.

By the way you need the new version 7.5.1, which is also released today and offers for example enhanced web service adapter functionality. Also supporting MS SQL 2012.

AX-CRM Jumpstart

The principle for integration is similar to other integration you can achieve with Scribe Insight. The core is Microsoft Message Queue. The changes from source system are published to the queue processed by Scribe Insight and send to your target system and vice versa.

Of course, every integration is custom and sometimes you lucky you get away with standard integration. Nevertheless this is a great step to get your basic integration up and running and take it beyond!

Happy Jumping.... you can start NOW!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Returning speaker at Decisions 2012

Of course always good time for some shameless self promotion. I actually also did some things in April I wrote my next musing and also started writing on my next presentation for Decisions 2012 called 'A Practical Approach for Keeping Data Integrity'

My latest musing 'Three Keys to Keeping Data Accurate and Reliable in Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applicationalso prepares for what is coming and I am actually still amazed how companies are struggling with data migration approaches, data strategies, but hopefully my effort (or read crusade) will finally pay off :)

See you at Decisions 2012, oh it is free and virtual so not attending is not an option.

Keeping track of your CRM build number

The build numbers of your CRM are important it indicated with version is installed and you can determine which of the many roll ups you have deployed.
build number

Same useful tips is that in case you have Microsoft software contract like Volume licensing etc it might be that if you download your CRM software it is still RTM version. It will help to just download version from the internet which usually already has latest roll-up applied.

Ok, some of you are a bit scared to apply the latest roll up you could download a previous one too.

Nevertheless common issue as my roll-ups cannot be installed might be due you already installed CRM which includes the roll-up you try to apply. Also reading the notes with roll-up can be handy so you now you first have to apply roll-up 6 and then 7 or 8, depending how much cuts you have ;)

Same easy site that gives you overview of the rollup can be found:

CRM 2011
CRM 4.0 ( might be time to think about upgrading )
CRM 3.0 ( really time to move ahead)
In case you want to have any idea when the next one will be available go here. Please notice it is "Projected" which basically means if you lucky we have it and else you just wait a 'bit' longer...

Time to keep track of your build number!

CRM 2011 Javascript old times same struggle with syntax

Oh where did the time go? It is already May and I guess I skipped April this year ;) I am back in the field and actually doing some basic coding not the C# stuff but good old JavaScript.

I did start ages ago and just to add some historic facts a quote:

"...JavaScript was originally developed in Netscape, by Brendan Eich. Battling with Microsoft over the Internet, Netscape considered their client-server solution as a distributed OS, running a portable version of Sun Microsystem's Java... " (source wikipedia)"

Basically you like it or you hate it. In my case I need to do it often too keep track of the DOM and the syntax. In CRM 2011 as you noticed there are some changes made in comparison with CRM 4.0. Nevertheless the basic stuff of hide, show, copy files is nice, but interesting part is calling web services and this could give you some nice functionality. Also the way you can store your coding in CRM is definitely improved.

Example code and yes no guarantees it works :-)

So, basically I was making some ugly script and run of course in bug with getting the value of check box. It works fine when you use radio button or list, but not with the famous box. There was some workaround, but of course we try to use supported coding for a change and lucky I could change the layout of the checkbox and got the script working on a onChange event.

I also tried to add some JSON but I stranded on the CRM 2011 permission got some error stating the protocol was not supported. I got tipped by colleague to use " XrmServiceToolkit" and this would help you to use SOAP and worked like a charm :)

So happy scripting :)