Introducing friendlyITsolutions :-)

As you might have read in my linkedin profile I started my own company called friendlyITsolutions.

After several years working for start ups, System Integrations etc I finally wanted to follow my own directions and make my own strategic decision, hopefully good ones. The last couple of months I was and still am working hard to set it up and get new customers, project, contract etc. Of course I keep myself recommended if you interested in Dynamics CRM or have interested proposal or contract let me know :-))

Nevertheless I still keep doing the same thing: thinking, creating, building and realizing nice solutions based on Dynamics CRM or should I say xRM solutions. Integrating it with other products with Scribe Insight and make it available to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone with CWR Mobility.

I also not only think of making money (which is still nice though), gettin customers but I also like to contribute to the society. I have adopted a Goeldi Tamarin (yes google it yourself :-P) from the Artis ZOO in Amsterdam. More details on my website you can find here...-> (in English, so you can read it and yes I prefered .com domain, but some other people using it.. :-(( )

In the mean time I am proud to achieve three partnerships with Scribe Software, CWR Mobility and the third is a partnership with the company of my former colleague Hans Veldman and his company called Hans Veldman Consultancy Solutions, guess we both like long names ;-)) You can read on his website & his blog that he got interesting partnerships with SalesCentric & WaveAccess.

So enough commercial time, get back to what ever you were doing... you could visit my website now ;-))


astanton said…
Congratulations!! May you find all the success in the world!

Jane B said…
Best wishes from my side too...

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