Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Roll Up is available: No.6

Today, I did some reading at other blogs etc. I just read the announcement for Roll Up 6.0.

Some highlights: solved issues with convering time to UTC in database, asyncoperation tables grow very large and emails promoted by using DM Manager cannot be reassigned.

You can find(more) details here.

Start rolling (again...)

Friday, August 28, 2009

My first glance at Experlogix product

Lucky some people do read my articles @ This resulted in an invitation to a demo of the product of Experlogix.

Of course I saw the demo for Dynamics CRM, the functionality could be described as

"...Experlogix features an intuitive configuration environment that turns even novice users into expert product customization specialists. As you customize a product, Experlogix automatically provides easy to understand, color coded displays, makes suggestions, fixes problems, etc. - all according to rules that you have defined. Graphics and technical product data can be called up at the touch of a button..." - [quote website Experlogix]

I must say I was impressed to see how smoothly everything worked with Dynamics CRM. I hope I could do some more tests myself, if I got the time I will let you know.

Nevertheless, I am very curious if you used or tried their product already, leave your remark in the comments

Give it a try!

Finally I am officially: Scribe Software - Level I Technical Certified Consultant

I finally got the time to do my second exam for Scribe certification and I also got it. So, now I got at least one certification :-p

I already did Level 2 course and heard that by end of the year Scribe has some new courses available for Nav & AX.

Keep on integrating or migrating :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are the Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM overrated??

In my spare time I try to keep up with the accelerators for CRM. In the beginning I thought it was very nice initiative, but I hear lots of different opinions about the quality & reliability.

Today I was very surprised to see even accelerator which you have to pay for?? I read on the homepage "... available at no cost...", guess I did miss something here :-S

Nevertheless, I am very curious about your experiences with the accelerators. Personally I would love to see one who would let me also send emails from custom entities like you could do for standard entities and for a change also support a Enterprise architecture.

Curious about your experience!

Keep accelerating, or not that's the question :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My latest 'musing' now published!

Yes, after some months I wrote my next musing on and as bonus you also could find the link at Recent blog posts section or just click here :-)

The musing is about succesful approach to data migration.

Enjoy reading!

Of course please feel free to leave your comments (after reading) :-)