Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting on the release train... or not....

It has been busy not only with work but also with all releases of CRM. We just got used to CRM 2013's updates and latest update to CRM2015 and the next one is already waiting the Spring 2015 release. I will spare you all names like Carina, Spica, Hydra etc

As consultant we are already have our handsfull in tracking all release as our customers still will be on CRM4, CRM2011 or just been to CRM2013.

In the CRM Online world you have '3' months delay, but you have no option to stop the train which keeps going and going.

I have to agree that new features and update certainly have benefits and looking forward to upgrades in navigation and additional features.

Nevertheless my end customers are not that 'nerdy' or 'crm knowledgeable' as myself or other crm consultants. The end users learning curve is slower and it takes time to get used to new way of working or change in their daily routine.

So, you will be confronted by a dilemma: do we stick to CRM on-premise, so we at least have control on the release train or do we choose for the 'cloud wonder' and jump on the release train.

Microsoft is basically pushing everyone to the cloud and updates of new features are earlier released to CRM Online then to on premise. And at least I would like to have some Carina features now and not and of the year for on premise.

We left with the choice  jumping on or just follow the train...

Happy choosing!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Working with CRM2013....

Yes, the Summer holiday is over, but hey.. the holiday season are getting closer, although this September we have some very sunny weeks.

The business is booming again and many companies choosing for the latest version of CRM 2013, but with Fall and Spring 2015 release it is again preparing for the next service / functionality that can be implemented.

After a view implementation/ upgrades to CRM 2013 I finally get used to this version and still difficult to be confronted with previous versions....

Nevertheless, some annoyances from my old school laptop user, my mouse wheel keeps spinning through navigation bar... and you keep scrolling to find your entity...oh go back oh too far go back.. go forth.... aarrgghhh

Also cross-browser functionality is trip to memory lane.... some customization work can be done in all,some only in IE..... can't we go back to just one? :)

Further working on next post for and of course lot of data migration/integration with Scribe. Of course, stick to Scribe and leave Dynamics connector :) The last works fine if you succeed in one time, but trying to restore it especially online can be very challenging.

Are there more posts coming.. yes, they will and working on post how to setup your basic integration with Scribe.

See you at next post, hopefully bit sooner then last one :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dutch pay respect to victims of flight MH17

Today was a Dutch National Day of Mourning. 

Out of respect I wrote this post for the victims of flight MH17.

Rest in Peace

Translation: "' In memory of the victims of flight MH17"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New book about CRM2013

Ok, it is not breaking news, but as I actually still do like books. You know those thing that do not need to be charged everyday, like my tablet :-(

I did not see it in Dutch (online) bookstore yet, so luckily Amazon got it and yes I did order it actually today.

Of course, I have the CRM2011 version also, but finally some book about CRM2013, which as expected describes new features like the new user interface, business process flows and upcoming features of Netbreeze and MarketingPilot.

So, soon some more posts . It has been awhile and yes! I was actually busy with some interesting projects like integrating CRM2011 with NAV2013 on partner hosted environment.

So, in case you want to order the real thing or some digital copy (so 2013) check the Amazon site or your local bookstore (if they still exist). Yes, you should be able to type it yourself... :-)

Happy reading!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

CRM2011 & The mystical sorting story

Yes, it still exists good old CRM2011 and you might be glad you still have CRM on-premise else the possibility you still have CRM2011 is becoming smaller and smaller.

In case you have experience or working with dates and times in CRM2011, you  probably are aware that this can be frustrating subject. I think I wrote earlier about time issues and I remembered some very interesting blogposts  about the different 'datetimes' you can receive from Dynamics CRM  depending on which approach you take e.g. web services, database view and filtered views.

Some nice post to refresh your memory or just a trip to memory lane:

Recently, I came across an issue related to date & time where in a view records where sorted on date field and a name field. In the interface it might give you some mystical sorting. Although you might know the alphabet :-)

Take a look at this screenshot from a real life example (no tricks) :

Mystic Sorting

Ok, take a minute to look at the screenshot above, where the date for the records is January 15th and last column is name field. The records are sorted by date and name e.g. A, A,S,W,A,A,A,A, W and W.... ?!#@

It's no trick and your customer will be confused and hopefully you too. As the famous 'young woman or old lady' picture, this is actually happening and you probably can recreate the same if you are a bit creative with dates and times.


What actually happens is this, the first 4 records are actually not created on January the 15th, but on January 14th at exactly 23:00 and other records are created at January 15th at 0:00. The timezone conversion in the user interface is in this case 2 hours and see the result.
In case you test this in SQL server you will see the sorting is correct, because 14th become before 15th. Neverteheless, in the UI of CRM it looks odd :)

Happy sorting :)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy & friendly 2014

The last year has been very busy, but bit slow on the postings. I intend to pick up more regular posting about the challenges you might face during the discovery of CRM.

Of course in 2014 we have new challenges in the introduction of CRM 2013. The upgrade of 2011 to 2013 for CRM online is in progress and I still notice this change is underestimated and often just expected as 'just' some upgrade.

My challenges will be in CRM2013, integrations with NAV and of course try to post/write more :)

So, hope 2014 brings you the best and will be a year full of new challenges and some nice posts!

Happy 2014!