Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Workflow installed on seperate server??

Recently I received the question if it's possible to install workflows on separate server. The client wished to have fall back scenario for their CRM application.

You could setup web servers in load balancing setup and if performance issue may occur then it's relatively easy to add another web server, also a fall back server could be stand by.

For Microsoft SQL Server you can use cluster with redundant SAN or NAS solution. These are usually very expensive solutions and very complex to install and to configure. To save costs you could use Dell instead of more expensive HP solutions.

To answer the questions: "Is it possible to install workflow on different server?". No it's not possible only the following roles/service could be installed on different servers (only by using command prompt installation:

- SRS Data Connector
- SQL Server
- Application Server
- Asynchronous Processing Service
- Deployment Service
- Discovery Service
- Help Server
- SDK Server

More details at:

Start designing your architecture :-)

2nd Dynamicsnetwork Event

The second Dutch Dynamics Network Event at Thursday October 30th will be sponsored by iRelate The Netherlands.

This event is for all (Dutch) Dynamics Professionals and takes place at the office of iRelate in Zaltbommel The Netherlands. You can register at (beginning next week).

See you Thursday October 30th @ iRelate office


Yes, this post is for Dutch readers, nevertheless you're welcome if you are Dynamics professional :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Add-ons delivered by Dutch company: CRM & More

Guess I already posted few times that I am involved in making the Microsoft Proposition for iRelate.

I noticed that Microsoft Netherlands policies for partners are changing; especially new partners are followed very closely. One of the requirements for Microsoft Proposition is to choose your branch with vertical solutions.

They also interested in which add-on you will use, of course be very selective, because better specialize in few good reliable add-on instead of doing them all.

One of the suppliers for add-on is CRM & More, they currently focusing on Dutch market.

They offer 5 main add-on (which I am researching at this moment)

CRM & More Time Management
This add-on gives you hour administration for budget calculations, your internal/external projects and invoicing

CRM & More EasyPrint
This add-on gives you easy way to print address labels to label printer like Dymo.

CRM & More Connectivity
This add-on gives you possibility to connect to web applications, files, msmq etc

CRM & More Members
This add-on is especially designed for subscriptions, fund raising company, nonprofit organization or companies with memberships etc.

CRM & More NAV integration Suite
This add-on should provided easy integration with NAV.

Personal some add-on seems not to add something new, but just give you easy and cheaper way to get some functionality. My interest goes to Members & Time management, because I had many questions or request for this type of functionality.

More details about these add-ons and in-depth information in later post. You can of course check also their website (Dutch).

Of course, I am curious if you have experience or use other add-ons which deliver same kind of functionality, just leave a comment :-)

Partner Readiness Days

I got just back from two days at the Partner Readiness Days organized by Microsoft (Netherlands). The event was organized for Dynamics Partners and was quite interesting to get better idea how Microsoft can help you as partner.

Some of the topics where EOC, the place to be for AX & NAV partners, who can buy licenses, support etc. For CRM partners we usually have a CSA license, which basically means you buy your license from distributor and after the purchase you can claim your kickback fee.

Also interesting was the topic about licensing, always difficult area for most of us. Very interesting where the benefits you receive if you also have SA (Software Assurance) and the presentation did give you general overview about all options available for you as partner, but also about advising your customers.

Yesterday I also attended the presentation about Marketing Factory, especially for start-ups and small companies which don't have dedicated marketing department. You can get general marketing material, add your own events at the calendar, request for auditorium or Microsoft speaker for your marketing events.

The other sessions, couldn't attend it myself, were about Marketing. I heard also very interesting.

So if you interesting contact your own PAM at Microsoft about the availability (different per country).

I will post some nice url's later for gettin more information, the one I remember was You have to contact your PAM for access.

Start exploring the world of Microsoft organization :)