Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Sponsored Banner "Scribe"

Today a new sponsored banner "Scribe" at my blog. The link will take you to free webseminars and personally I could say this always interesting to check out, guess you can see the offers for yourself :-)

Also webseminars at other products of the Dynamics stack like Nav and GP, the latest not used a lot in Europe, but heard its hot in USA.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Email marketing

At almost every project this topic is discussed, yes us talking about sending (rich) email, tracking, tracing etc. I heard it so many times and the functionality offered out of the box by Dynamics CRM isn’t sufficient or is too difficult for the end user.

Many companies deliver solutions for email marketing, this one I like because it’s not too difficult and delivers many options which should cover the functionality required by your customer.

The German company ‘Customaze’ delivers ‘Email Marketing add-on for Microsoft CRM’ from starting price of 1.499 euro. The product offers html editor (yes also rich emails are possible!), click through and opened email tracking and supports attachments in newsletters.

All technical details, demos, videos and more can be found at : Email Marketing for Microsoft CRM.

More information about the company itself can be found at (German) or

Check it out yourself!

Dynamics CRM easily integrated with Dynamics ERP

I am always curious about integrating different systems to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In my experience we always need to connect to back office systems, so due to latest release of Nav connector of Scribe Insight I started looking at other options.

After some searching and talking to other ms crm consultants I did find Celenia, a company with their HQ in Danmark and branches in USA and Ukraine. They offer the add-on “Celenia CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX | NAV.”

As the name already mentions it connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics ERP (NAV and AX).

…Celenia CRM Connector includes a set of out-of-the box synchronization rules that meet standard demands for customer, contact, item, quote, order and invoice integration. Out-of-the-box synchronization rules can be applied immediately and gives you a starting point for further customization...

I really like the presentation of the product they have nice flash movie, which demonstrate the possibilities of the product and tells what we get out of the box. Also you can download pdf presentation and the website looks very good, easy to navigate. Only disadvantage no prices are mentioned.

The add-on is based on Microsoft Workflow foundation and also delivers out-of-box workflows to connect your CRM solution with either NAV or AX and offers graphical user interface.

In Europe Dynamics NAV is widely used this instead of USA where they mainly use GP. Dynamics AX is preferred as global solution. As European you can guess this add-on is very interesting and available through Microsoft Partners.

So, if you look for solution for connecting your Dynamics CRM implementation to your ERP or vice versa this might be your solution.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's so quiet...

And yes it is because still enjoying my holiday and nice weather at the Netherlands sunny, blue skies and 25 degrees and higher, but next week more posts are coming