New book about CRM2013

Ok, it is not breaking news, but as I actually still do like books. You know those thing that do not need to be charged everyday, like my tablet :-(

I did not see it in Dutch (online) bookstore yet, so luckily Amazon got it and yes I did order it actually today.

Of course, I have the CRM2011 version also, but finally some book about CRM2013, which as expected describes new features like the new user interface, business process flows and upcoming features of Netbreeze and MarketingPilot.

So, soon some more posts . It has been awhile and yes! I was actually busy with some interesting projects like integrating CRM2011 with NAV2013 on partner hosted environment.

So, in case you want to order the real thing or some digital copy (so 2013) check the Amazon site or your local bookstore (if they still exist). Yes, you should be able to type it yourself... :-)

Happy reading!