Working with CRM2013....

Yes, the Summer holiday is over, but hey.. the holiday season are getting closer, although this September we have some very sunny weeks.

The business is booming again and many companies choosing for the latest version of CRM 2013, but with Fall and Spring 2015 release it is again preparing for the next service / functionality that can be implemented.

After a view implementation/ upgrades to CRM 2013 I finally get used to this version and still difficult to be confronted with previous versions....

Nevertheless, some annoyances from my old school laptop user, my mouse wheel keeps spinning through navigation bar... and you keep scrolling to find your entity...oh go back oh too far go back.. go forth.... aarrgghhh

Also cross-browser functionality is trip to memory lane.... some customization work can be done in all,some only in IE..... can't we go back to just one? :)

Further working on next post for and of course lot of data migration/integration with Scribe. Of course, stick to Scribe and leave Dynamics connector :) The last works fine if you succeed in one time, but trying to restore it especially online can be very challenging.

Are there more posts coming.. yes, they will and working on post how to setup your basic integration with Scribe.

See you at next post, hopefully bit sooner then last one :)