Getting on the release train... or not....

It has been busy not only with work but also with all releases of CRM. We just got used to CRM 2013's updates and latest update to CRM2015 and the next one is already waiting the Spring 2015 release. I will spare you all names like Carina, Spica, Hydra etc

As consultant we are already have our handsfull in tracking all release as our customers still will be on CRM4, CRM2011 or just been to CRM2013.

In the CRM Online world you have '3' months delay, but you have no option to stop the train which keeps going and going.

I have to agree that new features and update certainly have benefits and looking forward to upgrades in navigation and additional features.

Nevertheless my end customers are not that 'nerdy' or 'crm knowledgeable' as myself or other crm consultants. The end users learning curve is slower and it takes time to get used to new way of working or change in their daily routine.

So, you will be confronted by a dilemma: do we stick to CRM on-premise, so we at least have control on the release train or do we choose for the 'cloud wonder' and jump on the release train.

Microsoft is basically pushing everyone to the cloud and updates of new features are earlier released to CRM Online then to on premise. And at least I would like to have some Carina features now and not and of the year for on premise.

We left with the choice  jumping on or just follow the train...

Happy choosing!