The end of 2011... get ready for CRM2013

The end is coming for CRM2011 as you should have migrated from the 'ancient' CRM4 and you finally got used to CRM2011. 'Unfortunately' for you,you have to start over again due to the release of new CRM Online e.g. CRM2013.

I got my first CRM Online trail with CRM2013 (it is available as you read), so back to 'school' to learn about new features, to find you way in the application. From user experience perspective it is much better, which includes new navigation method, new form lay-out.

Also new features as synchronous workflows, new database model are things to look for and start discovering.

One disadvantage is the fact that there is no return for current CRM Online user you will be migrated to the new CRM, so prepare for a change. Also the cost will increase now you will have three subscription levels 15, 30 and 65 U$ and of course you want the most expensive one. Of course its is according to many Microsoft presentation much cheaper then the major competitor Salesforce, just the messenger here :)

More information about the new CRM can be found at the new website: with loads of new video's, tutorials, documentation and link to get your trial.

Happy discovery!