A year later .... a lot have changed or maybe not :)

It was time to start writing some stuff about D365.. or just keep it CRM basically we all should have moved to the cloud and get up to speed with al new functionality like Field Services, PSA, new marketing and more.... Strange that many of my customers are still cloudless for at least CRM, but also some are moving toward the D365 cloud

I am still struggling what to call yourself crm consutlant, dynamics 365 (CRM),  digital engagement consultant, D365 (no finance). Nevertheless it is still CRM we still have our accounts, contacts, SFA entities only we got some new modules FS, PSA and marketing.

From integration/migration perspectief not much has changed I seen some new products but still enjoy working with Scribe, some MS SQL, the infamous excel. The legacy systems are still often messed up with unreliable not documented data, so basically nothing has changed.

At the D365 Saturday - Amsterdam I attended a session about O365 which seems to grow weekly with new programs like StaffHub, Planner and some more. Nevertheless that Groups and Team can be useful for D365 too.

So, new layout and now some more posts.

Happy discovering...