Add-ons delivered by Dutch company: CRM & More

Guess I already posted few times that I am involved in making the Microsoft Proposition for iRelate.

I noticed that Microsoft Netherlands policies for partners are changing; especially new partners are followed very closely. One of the requirements for Microsoft Proposition is to choose your branch with vertical solutions.

They also interested in which add-on you will use, of course be very selective, because better specialize in few good reliable add-on instead of doing them all.

One of the suppliers for add-on is CRM & More, they currently focusing on Dutch market.

They offer 5 main add-on (which I am researching at this moment)

CRM & More Time Management
This add-on gives you hour administration for budget calculations, your internal/external projects and invoicing

CRM & More EasyPrint
This add-on gives you easy way to print address labels to label printer like Dymo.

CRM & More Connectivity
This add-on gives you possibility to connect to web applications, files, msmq etc

CRM & More Members
This add-on is especially designed for subscriptions, fund raising company, nonprofit organization or companies with memberships etc.

CRM & More NAV integration Suite
This add-on should provided easy integration with NAV.

Personal some add-on seems not to add something new, but just give you easy and cheaper way to get some functionality. My interest goes to Members & Time management, because I had many questions or request for this type of functionality.

More details about these add-ons and in-depth information in later post. You can of course check also their website (Dutch).

Of course, I am curious if you have experience or use other add-ons which deliver same kind of functionality, just leave a comment :-)


Anonymous said…
I Would suggest Scribe for connectivty with other applications.
The have a template for integrating CRM with NAV.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know of a company in USA that has the same add on for printing to label printers from Microsoft CRM 4.0?

Thank you