Friday, December 17, 2010

Partner hosted crm - what to look for?

The introduction of CRM 2011 online next month will start many discussion about where to host. Do we choose only for the lowest rate or do we expect more from a hosting provider.

Of course, we not only want to host one product, but in case of Dynamics CRM we also like to add Exchange and SharePoint. This together would give us all features for basic collaboration and a solid CRM solutions.

Furthermore I think the discussing about is my data safe is not relevant anymore most serious parties have SAS 70 certification which guarantees your data can be kept safe. Mostly the security risk is your responsibility and at the end we just goto WikiLeads ;-)

I was asked and also pointed out by colleague to This is one of the major player on hosting service including hosted Dynamics CRM , SharePoint & MS Exchange.

I personally would look at the following points for selected my hosted provider:

- what service they offer
- Security SAS 70
- Customer friendly.. e.g. wizard that help you select the best options
- Extra information for help you make decision
- Price vs what you get for it

I like the wizard (see image) that help you choose e.g. shopping cart principle. Also links to common question advantage of hosted vs on-premise (in house).

Interesting additional service are Outlook migration, basic data migration, training and of course service plans. Often forgotten, you want to know who to call if you got stuck(!).

Guess, the tip of the day, not only take the price in consideration, also see what extra services are available.

Happy choosing ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Musing is Published :)

Finally got some time to get writing again, so first time was spend on preview to the battle of the cloud.


And of course more posts are coming here too about recently released Scribe NAV adapter 1.5 , Battle in the clouds - Dynamics CRM vs SalesForce and also shameless 'advertorial' about hosted crm provider ;)