Thursday, April 29, 2010

Attended Dutch Pizza session @ MS Netherlands

Yesterday, I attended a nice "Pizza Session" about the new SharePoint 2010 & Dynamics CRM 4.0 integration, or now we should call it Dynamics xRM. The speakers did include Bart-Jan Bosch (Solution Specialist Business Productivity @ MS Netherlands) & Ronald Lemmen (Dutch CRM MVP)

The session did came at the right time, due to the fact my current project also involves both products :-)

The session address new features in SPS 2010 and some nice features that user can have just by using their browser. Of course the interesting part was about integrating them together and which technology you could or should use and even better when do you choose one of the platforms. In the session three major approaches/platforms were compared: SharePoint, Dynamics xRM and custom .NET development.

Especially for migration & integrating some interesting choices were presented like when to use custom .NET application, BizTalk, SSIS or K2 BlackPearl. Nevertheless nice things to think about and certainly SSIS and K2 BlackPearl got my attention, so think some post will follow :)

Happy integration :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New musing about crm & integration

In this really busy period with new contract, working on presentation for Decision 2010.

I did find some time to write a new musing at called: "Why Integrating Dynamics CRM into Your Organization Needs to Be Part of a Bigger Picture"

Take a minute to read it :)

And as you might know you can find it here

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lay-out of released!

Yes, its commmercial break time :-) Last week we renewed the website of ( hosted crm services).

We still working hard on the text but this should be finished, at least basics by end of this week. Of course we ready to go and can offer:

- hosted CRM
- hosted Exchange
- hosted SharePoint

And we also can offer migration & integration with our favorite tool Scribe Insight.

We have the following top add-ons selected: SalesCentric, Wave Access ChatOnline and for mobile CWR Mobility, what else? :) If you have interesting solutions please let us now.

In later stage we will launch vertical solutions and extend our hosted services with ERP.

For contact details see our site :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Speaker @ Decisions 2010

As you might have remembered or even better your registered already @ Decisions 2010 I will give a presentation at this event. Of course my topic should be something with CRM and integration/migration.

I had the idea already in my head for some weeks, but had to get it on paper. Nevertheless its now official my topic at Decisions 2010:

Realizing your xRM solution by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM

"... Managing, integrating and supporting multiple applications is becoming increasingly complex and accessing the data through individual points of access or by opening multiple windows is becoming ancient history..."

Read more here :-)

So that was my ego boost for this year ;-)