Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Integrating Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM

The beginning of this year I was involved in integrating Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM. I, of course, used Scribe Insight as the integration tool.

For the integration I did use some of the logica provided in the Scribe templates for Dynamics GP. I never did use Dynamics GP before January and still know only some basic feature. The only book available in Holland.. don't laugh.. the Dummies edition for Dynamics GP.

During the process I did find the blog of Victoria Yudin very usefull and used lot of the tips and information for the integration. You should check it out at

At this moment working on migration from GoldMine to Dynamics CRM.

Enjoy integrating!

CRM 4.0 Enterprise Architecture

I still run in many discussions about Enterprise Architecture. In general you could say that its designed for high availability and increase of performance.

In an enterprise scenario, you would use clusters for your Microsoft SQL database and your SRS. The clustering usually connects to storage vault like NAS or SAN etc. The Microsoft CRM server is divided in application and platform server.

The application server make use of network load balancing, which gives you the option to use several application server. The platform server cannot be used in same setup as the application server. An high availability or fallback scenario would be an custom solutions. The solution will depend on what kind of workflows you are using in the crm application. Nevertheless its important to consider this solutions because it can have impact on your application and integration functionality.

I will post some possible solutions later.

Happy designing!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coming Soon: Scribe Release 6.5

Just received the news of new major release of Scribe Insight Software version 6.5.

The release has very interesting new features, which will be discusses at their Webcast on Thursday, April 16 @ 11am – 12pm EST. The presenters for the webcast will be:
- Bob Sturim - Vice President, Products
- John Gravely - Vice President, Marketing and Product Marketing
- Lou Antonucci - Director, Sales

New functionality targeted at enterprise accounts will include:
- Failover/Disaster Recovery
- Web Services Adapter
- Support for 64-bit Windows Server 2008

You can find more details at:


Check it out yourself!