Friday, February 13, 2009

Scribe Advanced Training Course

I might have mentioned it in one of my previous posts. Nevertheless Scribe Insight offers partners a special course: Scribe Advanced Training for Dynamics CRM Consultants. It’s a two day training given in different location(contact your Scribe contact).

I attended the training myself last November, yes sounds like ages ago :-) It was very useful training, especially to learn more about the many integration and migration options it offers. Guess, most of us not use Scribe to its full potential yet. This training will show you other possibilities that you might not know or just not familiar with.

The training is both theoretical as practical. The training is organized around ‘net change design patterns’ like one way batch, one way real-time and two way real-time integration to the Scribe ERP database (check the scribe community), each accompanied with an exercise.

Personally I like, that these patterns are very useable in our daily work with Scribe’s products. The course is not strict following all topics, which leaves enough time to talk or discuss about the challenges we face working with Scribe Console, Workbench, Adapters etc. If you have the opportunity to follow the training I would certainly recommend it.

Happy scribing!

PS If you are going to follow the course and your instructor is David Baker, bring some Mars (mini) bars and you would have great time :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The competition increases between hosted crm 4.0 providers

Last year I was involved a few times with setting up or advising about hosted CRM 4.0. I meet some companies at the Convergence 2007 that were providing hosted CRM 4.0 solutions of course in combination with MS Exchange and SharePoint. I guess it was due to the credit crunch that last year in Copenhagen I didn’t see any hosted CRM m 4.0 providers or at least not as many as in the previous year.

Nevertheless you could witness some curious development in the market for hosted CRM 4.0. Of course there are new players, but also unexpected players like SAP companies, setting up their hosted CRM 4.0 businesses.

A quick google for some providers and their prices give a surprising result, especially in price levels. In general you have price per user and sometimes a setup fee. You can extend it with more space, extra functionalities like hosted MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, BlackBerry support etc.

A highlight of the companies I came across:
The price in Euro & U$ (rates may differ due to current exchange rate)

You could see the price difference, in general they offer the same package although some offer more gigs of space.

Comparing it yourself!

Update: I already received some comments on this post. The latest of Neil Benson, I would agree with his view on the current market. It would indeed be better to have some good and reliable companies providing hosted CRM. Maybe time for Microsoft to select the reliable ones for their product? Guess time will tell, for potential customers it would be beneficial to have some clues in which company to choose for hosted CRM.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Update Rollup 2 Dynamics CRM 4.0 (KB 959419)

Guess, already a bit outdated, but nevertheless very interesting. I got informed last week that the Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 2 is available.

All the details you could find here

Check it out, if you didn't already! :-)

Reminder: Dutch Dynamics Networking Drink

For all the Dutch readers or people in The Netherlands. I like to remind you, that the 3rd Dynamicsnetwerkborrel (= Dutch Dynamics Network Drink) is on February 5th.

More details on how to register and to attend check here.

I have attended it now two times myself and it is really good way to meet other consultants in an informal way.

Have happy hour(s) :-)

My latest musing @ msdynamicsworld

I know it has been already a month after my lastest post, mmm time flies when you are busy.. Nevertheless, I am back and got several postings coming towards you about CRM installations, SRS, Scribe etc.

My latest musing just got published at and can be found here.

Check back for more later :)