Waiting for CRM 2013 or not?

The Summer is over and slowly everything is started again. During the Summer I attended Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Partner Training Blitz. About the much anticipated new release of Dynamics CRM.

Of course, we all heard the basics about new improved UI & UX, no more annoying popups, easy way to check field without J(ava)script etc (more in links below). From my personal perspective the most interesting fact is that on database level the entity tables, you know the base and extension, are finally merged to just ONE table that is nice :)

Of course the twitter exploded after the event it was worldwide semi broadcast/live or whatever event, guess Skype was not ready yet or maybe our 'live' questions would be to difficult ;-)

A lot of photo's were made, of course we live in smartphone age, but oh might be Microsoft did miss that....Oh I did hear that the content was not to be published...oops

Nevertheless the improvements looks nice and some of us are lucky to get hand on the beta version and can play with it. It should be releases in October at least for online.

More about CRM 2013 later

Happy  End of Summer '13


Some links by googling: