A blend of integration solutions

Finally, some time to update my blog. I have been mostly working on integration and migration projects to CRM2011 the last couple of months.

My integration designs are for at least one project a mixture of several technics, mostly due to requirements from the IT department and you might say this is also limiting factor.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to just different approach, basically I use four kinds of approaches:

  • Standard and custom web service
  • Standard and custom database views
  • Integration based on MSMQ with of course Scribe Insight
  • .NET application

The overal design is "loosely coupled" and between CRM 2011 and legacy systems we have integration database in place. For integration that is synchronous we use of course webservice. For integrations that need to just use data, we use database views and results are stored in memory on the legacy application.

For extracting data from CRM 2011 we use mostly plugins and for a-synchronous processes we use MSMQ.

So basically a nice blend of several technics some technics, which make a integration interesting :)