started with bug hunting

Yes, the first post of the year, so you might say a bit late :)  This year started not too bad and if you might have heard or seen I am currently hunting bugs.

The bugs come in all different sizes and different forms and where better to hunt bugs than at Microsoft EMEA support. As we speak I am now almost 6 weeks working as CRM Support Engineer. It is also refreshing to see the other side for a change and more or less facing the same issues as CRM consultant only now from Microsoft perspective.

So, the last few weeks I did see a variety of bugs from simple installation issues, to complex ADFS issue and actually also some real bugs.

Already working on some post about common issue and ways to solve them.

Just as appetizer the CRM EMEA support website, which is good source for gettin up-to-date and check in case you might run into an issue yourself.

Happy bug hunting :)