You missed it?

Yes, you might have missed it. Last Friday it was CRM day at Decisions Spring 2011. This time the event was held for 4 days in a row and also AX, NAV and GP had their own day.

It was a very interested event with many presentation including an impressive list of presentations given by people like: Varun Krishna, Larry Lents, Anne Stanton and Matthew 'CRM Bible' Wittemann :-) Of course, I must admit I was one of the speakers too and of course a litte proud to be in the company of big names in the crm community.

Of course, I had a presentation about data migration. This time about the 5 sins of data migration and after the ppresentation some very interesting questions and positive feedback too.

Now waiting for the next event, unfortunately I cannot make it to WPC but waiting for other events... might be Convergence and Decisions Fall 2011?

Don't miss it next time....


Anonymous said…
Great Reminder that I need to go see if I can get my hands on some of the presentations I missed!

As much as I get a kick out of virtual conferences I still like the face to face the best.
CSS Training said…
How sad.. I missed this :(
I hope there's a repeat..
Apache Training said…
Nice presentation. I'm very interested in this. I hope that there's a podcast or a transcribed presentation copy about this.