Reading, reading & more

Guess the downside of new version for consultants is that we have to learn and get used again to new interface, new features etc. of CRM 2011.

I still wondering where are my tabs :-) Also some technical changes are interesting to know, so I am currently diving into subject as claim bases authentication, SharePoint 2010 and solution feature.

I guess I am bit old fashioned, but I gather some documents including installation guide, some background about claim based authentication etc. Oh and I did buy the book of Matthew Wittemann "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Administration".

I did read/scanned the book and I think its very useful and addresses most interesting topics you would need to know. It covers topics like installation, implementation strategy, functional area e.g. Relationship, service, sales, marketing etc. The books touches most area and in good detail. Of course I would personally more interested in migration & integrations, but the disadvantage of CRM 2011 that it has so many functionality that one book isn't simply enough.

Nevertheless I would definitely buy it and it fits well next too the collection of my CRM books :)

Happy learning :-)