Setting up VM VirtualBox for CRM 2011 beta

Finally had some time to install VM virtual box, due to 64 bit issues with VPC. I must admit it works quick and easy, so nice tool to make images and its tool provided by Oracle ;)

So, I spend some time setting up basic instance of Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 and give it some basic roles for AD, DNS etc. I had to look up the details for deploying the domain, but the magic tool was dcpromo.exe.

I, of course, decided to change domain and servername, which gave me some issues with SQL & Reporting Server and had to change names. This article might be helpful. After few reboots, some reconfiguring using Report Server Configuration Manager was needed.

I ran into issue that the SRS was stilling using the old sql server name and already new service account. The solutions was change service account back to system and then you can change the database, reconnect and go head..

Some more rebooting and then installed the beta verion of CRM 2011 and alter SRS Connector.

And yes finally it works....

PS Don't forget the windows update... only 46+ updates were available ;)