Can you keep track of available CRM solutions?

I like to think about the right CRM solution for my customer, guess thats not surprising :-) This is also the major reason why I visit Convergence, conference and other CRM events. I am interested new crm solutions

In daily life I mostly come in contact with new addons or CRM solutions if the customer requires extra functionality that CRM is not providing. Guess everyone knows the solutions by companies like C360, but what about the others? I noticed that interesting solutions which are available in Europe are unknown in USA/Canada and vice versa.

One of the advantages of my blog is that people suggest article, books or blogs to read some are very interesting. Lauren mentioned her article to me and I think this gives a fresh view on solutions that are currently offered, but might not be known to you.

The article gives an overview of populair CRM solution per industry and mostly I did know, but some were new to me.

I am also interested in solutions which are not industry specific and of course you might guess this are currently favorite general solutions:

Scribe Software
CWR Mobility
WaveAccess ChatOnline

Of course there are others too, so feel free to add some in the comments or share you thought about your solution wishes :-)


astanton said…
The continues to be a great place to see some of the Dynamics xRM solutions