Attending the first Scribe Software User Conference (part 1)

The last 10 years I attended many different conferences. Most of them were ok, some were excellent and the last one held by some company called MS was very disappointing (Convergence 2009).

Of course, I was glad to hear Scribe organized their first conference and I decided to travel to Bedford NH, the A on the map ;-) As you may read before this is still my fav migration & integration tool.

After 7 hours flight to Boston and 1,5 hour drive to Bedford, I witnessed this at my breakfast the next morning..

Lucky some people of the hotel set off the fire alarm by accident, but what better entertainment with your first coffee and waffles ;)

The conference was held in SERECS not far from the hotel. A modern conference center with all the equipment you need, beamers, video sytems, multiple screen, so you could see presentations from every place in the room.

The people attending were both partners, mvp's as customers, which worked out fine. The presentations addressed topics that were interesting for all audiences and I thought most were very useful.

The sessions of the first day, I will give some highlighst in my next post(s), were well prepared and presented. The atmosphere of the day was I think best described as relaxed. It was not over the top and covered with marketing sauce like some...mmm (MS) events, but just down to earth, to the point and pratical and of course with some good sense of humor.

And maybe the lesson learned for the first day...

uncrapify yourself.... (guess you should have been there)

to be continued


Here the link!
BTW I liked the conference to.