Having ''fun" with data migration within integration projects

The introduction of Dynamics CRM is now often combined with other applications. Guess most logical is the integration with SharePoint 2010, but also backoffice system like SAP are still included.

A new experience is the introduction of FIM ( Forefront Identity Manager). My interesting challenge is to strip an Oracle database from data which is combination of non-identity and identity data.

Guess, as usually the impact of data migration is underestimated. An extra note should be made by the effect of the integration and data migration. Basically all systems need data and either way system will have overlap of data.

Interesting for your solutions is the choice who owns the data and who is allowed to change/update the data. In my previous post I wrote about MDM (master data management) which could be nice solutions. Mostly the solutions would be somewhere in the middle with the future focus on MDM in mind.

Other issues that you should recognize by now: obsolete data, data cleansing, 'after system goes live, we clean data','the end users gonna clean it up'. Guess I should be glad, this never changes and still pays my bills ;)