new features(?) in CRM 5.0

The rumors about the newest version of CRM, working title CRM 5.0, how surprising, become stronger and stronger. Some new features were more or less revealed in Microsoft's statement of direction.

Nevertheless we still would like to see it first, because seeing is believing :) Some sneak peeks and information that did come out showed already some (pre)view on new features. Of course we still have to wait and see if it will be there in RTM version too.

* Ribbon Interface
* Less annoying pop-up screens in the interface
* Even tighter integration with Outlook
* Integration with SharePoint
* User friendly analytical tool which includes new dashboards

Of course I am very curious about new features, so feel free to share in the comments!

Keep hoping on nice features :)


astanton said…
I suspect that you can get a feel for the new dashboarding features by looking at what has been released in CRM Online.