My musing about xRM hype

Guess it is the buzz word lately, everything should be xRM. I did write about it in my latests musing on

Also interesting is the virtual convergence of, where I should talk about xRM & integrating, which might be interesting too ;)

Check my latest musing, just click here!

See that wasn't to difficult ;)

PS Yes its already posted on December 18th, but new musing is on da way :-)


Anne said…
The worst part about the xRM hype is that to a certain extent xRM is v1.0 or 2.0 while CRM is v4.0R8

What would be great is some hype and some development to mature CRM into a depth of feature product that can easily blow away Salesforce, Siebel and SAP without development, making the xRM the true icing throughout the cake.