Interesting reading material for integration

In one of my previous post I mentioned that I got two books from SAMS to review. I started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 Integration.

Of course the topic got my attention, because integration is kinda my thing :-) Guess most of use have experience with integration puzzles between Dynamics CRM and other systems; considering the world is not ending at CRM, so we have too.

The book writes about up to date topics we would have in our daily life as CRM consultant. Of course the topics that you would expect are: SharePoint, Silverlight(mmm maybe not... people actual using this?), Biztalk, Digital Phone and Business Intellingence. Surprising or less expected topics were, of course about Scribe Insight, which is always nice, but also Azure, CRM 4.0 Accelerators and some other integration tools (like c360,Semantra and Nolan).

The topics are described and illustrated with some daily life examples, which you could use as basic solution. So we are lucky passing the "hello world" examples.

I find the book very interesting and it gives some food for thought about options, how to's and some don'ts. The books is targetting more experienced consultants and some programming background comes in handy, although you could spend a lot of time reading it and trying...

Read & discover it yourself :)


Jane B said…
Thanks for your views... great help...

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