MS Convergence Europe 'Credit Crunch version' is Coming

In one of my previous posts I already mentioned the next Convergence in October/November. Its now open for registration, check the website.

I am not sure yet, but I probably will attend the one in The Netherlands and maybe also in the UK. I have also no idea what to expect for this version, which is at least a lot cheaper, hope they don't cut the budget on the food too, that was always excellent, the rest was not too bad too ;-)

Curious if you plan to go and to which location and what you're expectation are?

Leave some feedback in the comments...

BTW I also saw some poll about Convergence on linkedin...


What is the reasoning and/or value in the Partner registration being 2X the amount of the User registration. For Partners attending multiple dates - multiple locations - it is now more expensive than the original week-long schedule. With Travel it is alot more expensive. Granted partners aren't likely to go to all events (which = less market coverage for same $'s) and more local visitors are likely to take advangate of it - hopefully - but why such a high cost to Partners?