My first glance at Experlogix product

Lucky some people do read my articles @ This resulted in an invitation to a demo of the product of Experlogix.

Of course I saw the demo for Dynamics CRM, the functionality could be described as

"...Experlogix features an intuitive configuration environment that turns even novice users into expert product customization specialists. As you customize a product, Experlogix automatically provides easy to understand, color coded displays, makes suggestions, fixes problems, etc. - all according to rules that you have defined. Graphics and technical product data can be called up at the touch of a button..." - [quote website Experlogix]

I must say I was impressed to see how smoothly everything worked with Dynamics CRM. I hope I could do some more tests myself, if I got the time I will let you know.

Nevertheless, I am very curious if you used or tried their product already, leave your remark in the comments

Give it a try!


Donna Edwards said…
Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
I have been using Experlogix for several years now and I agree, it is easy to use, highly configurable, and for many companies can turn a task that could take more than 100 clicks to complete into 10, not to mention the world-class support provided by the Experlogix team.
We realized a significant productivity gain in addition to improved Opportunity and Quote accuracy as a result of implementing Experlogix. Our Sales team couldn't have been any more satisfied. Our Sales team was able to spend more time selling and less time building Opportunities and Quotes as a result of the product implementation.
This is a great, value-added add-on for the Dynamics products and I recommend it to anyone who is in need of streamlining and improving the quoting process.
Many of our clients have seen significant productivity and quality improvements in their quoting process through the Experlogix Configurator. The tool is so flexible and reaches the requirements of many different vertical markets. Return on investment comes through reducing the amount of time it takes to generate a quote and ability to generate quotes offline, increased revenue through cross sell or upsell opportunities and increased customer satisfaction by getting the right quote out the first time. As a Dynamics user, added benefit and usability comes through the seemless integration with Dynamics CRM and GP with other integrations planned for the near future. I give this application and company high recommendations if your company is struggling in any of these areas.