Are the Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM overrated??

In my spare time I try to keep up with the accelerators for CRM. In the beginning I thought it was very nice initiative, but I hear lots of different opinions about the quality & reliability.

Today I was very surprised to see even accelerator which you have to pay for?? I read on the homepage "... available at no cost...", guess I did miss something here :-S

Nevertheless, I am very curious about your experiences with the accelerators. Personally I would love to see one who would let me also send emails from custom entities like you could do for standard entities and for a change also support a Enterprise architecture.

Curious about your experience!

Keep accelerating, or not that's the question :-)


gantenbein said…
WaveAccess released eService & ChatOnline CRM Accelerator - web-portal integration of live chat functionality with MS CRM system.

available here: