New interesting products: Biztalk 2009, SharePoint 2010 etc.

In the last quarter some interesting products were or going to be released in this quarter.

Guess by now you should know I am more or less specialised in migration and integration to Dynamics CRM. So, last quarter Biztalk 2009 has been released. I didn't had time to take a look in it, because I am totally behind due to my current project. You could download trial here.

Other interesting products that are coming is of course Office 10, I read some current products were renamend from Groove to SharePoint WorkSpace 2010. I could remember one of the speeching of Bill Gates af couple of years ago, where SharePoint was positioned in the middle and all other Microsoft products were positoned around SP.

Guess, this is my cue to tell you that probably this month, you never sure with Microsoft release dates, the beta of SharePoint 2010 will be released.

Also I am looking forward to Windows 7's official release. There is only one big annoying thing about this release. It seems that in some countries in Europe an upgrade version wouldn't be available :-( due to European regulations.

Guess, that sums it up for now... its back to migrating!