Scribe Integration: Error(s) trying to run DTS in Scribe Console (Enterprise Level)

I ran into some issues trying to schedule a DTS in the Scribe Console. The DTS was running fine in the Workbench. In our logs we did see several errors also:
- "Server execution failed (Error code=80080005)"
- "Error initializing the Message Processor"
- "Initialize failed (MsgProcDoc is null)"

We followed these steps (see topic 469) to solve the issue:

1) Check (correct) installation of MSMQ

2) Scribe Service Account should be/have :

a) a local admin on the Scribe server

b) a member of the Scribe Console Users Group

c) internet access.

The last (internet access) could be issue in Enterprise Environment. If its impossible to gain this privilige because security policies you could try this:

1) Logon to server with the account running the Scribe Services

2) Open IE and go to => Tools => Internet Options Click on the 'Advanced tab' scroll to 'Security'

3) Uncheck 'Check for publisher's certificate revocation'

4) Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'

You're DTS should now run succesfully.

The origin of this issue is not in the Scribe Software but an possible issue with the .NET framework. Please test it first in your development environment. The workaround is only needed when your account don't have internet access privilege.

Keep on integrating!