Migrating: Goldmine -> MS CRM

What is a CRM application without data? In my experience datamigration/integration is one of the importants part of your project.

As you might know I am working at this moment on migrating data from Goldmine 5.5 (MS SQL implementation) to MS CRM 4.0. To get more information about Goldmine I used some information from Scribe templates, but also used this website a lot.

To make it more easy we also use an extra leading data source. We choose to add some columns in table of Goldmine. To retrieve you extra columns you have to update the Goldmine Adapter with MetadataConfig tool, which you could find in Scribe directory.

You have to add your columns in the Goldmineadapter.xml and upload them with the Metadataconfig tool. Please make backup of xml file first :-)

If you succeeded you will see the fields when connecting to Goldmine in the workbench. Some more tips/tricks in next post.