Be carefull with crm addons and Enterprise Architecture

One of the options crm 4.0 gives us is the flexibility to choose how to install Dynamics CRM. We have three major deployment options:
1) Standaard ( Dynamics CRM on one server)
2) Application /platform server (seperate services over one or more application servers and one platform server)
3) Custom (install the service independendly)

The first two options are provided with the GUI. The last options is a command line installation. The last two are commonly used in an Enterprise setup, where performance, redundancy and availability are key issues.

The setup is not too difficult and shouldn't take too long :-) The most important thing is to consider, which Dynamics CRM addon(s) you want to use! I experienced that addons are not always tested for the last two deployment options. Sofar I understand Microsoft only test them in standard deployment and the creator of the addon is responsible for other deployment options.

If considering an Enterprise Architecture be carefull with the use of addons. Read carefully, check and/or confirm that they will work in your deployment. This would definitely save you some big trouble and headaches. It takes a lot of time if you find out to late, think of the time you have to spend on support calls, reconfiguring, re-testing etc.

Nevertheless addons can deliver the functionality your client needs, but be carefull when considering them in an Enterprise Architecture.

Choose wisely :-)