3 Tips for speed up your customization

One of the things I did learn and still are a great benefit is my typing skills. Guess you might remind the natural keyboard?

I really got addicted to this kind of keyboards and yes even connect it to my laptop :-)

My typing skills are very convenient for customizing especially the adding of new attributes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Keep in mind that you pay attention how CRM uses the name convention.

If you type in the name of your attribute it loses the spaces, special character etc. So choosing the right naming convention really saves time and less typing.

Next tip is use the 'save and new' button. This will save and close your attribute and yes opens new fresh window. Keep your mouse pointer above it and just one click is enough.

Last tip is use the <Tab> key in combinations with your arrow keys and <Enter> key to go through all the steps.

These three tips in combination with good typing skills will speed up your customazation. Check the image for illustrating ;)

Enjoy typing!