The (new) integrations with CRM 4.0

Guess the buzz is Sharepoint everybody is talking about it, but seems the integration is not like we expecting. We all known the dashboard and some basic document libraries, but not the smooth integration we would like, one front-end that delivers all Sharepoint features in says custom aspx or IFrame.

We can define several types of integrations. One is the integration that focuses on extending or even adds functionality to the lack of it in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These included enhancements of the security model (e.g. C360 - Field Level Security), better email sending/tracking, visualize relationships (e.g. C360 - Relationship Explorer & SalesCentric) and add mobile functionality (e.g. CWRMobility).

Another type of integration is focusing on the connection to back-end systems. This usually are integration/migration tools like Biztalk Server or Scribe Insight. These tools often have adapters available for CRM itself and other application. Recently Scribe Insight released new sokution for MS Dynamics Nav, for more details see: Scribe Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, so this makes it possible to connect to CRM with Nav vice versa.

Of course, we also have the integration that is focusing on front-end like portals, these can be build using C# & webservices, Sharepoint or third party solutions. They can be used for registration by internet, service desk functionality (like in the demo of 3.0 and 4.0), online ordering etc.

Nevertheless its interesting to see how many options there are, I will try to post some articles about MS Dynamics Nav integration and CRM 4.0 newsletters at the end of this month.


Anonymous said…
We have built an integration between CRM and Dynamics SL. I have blogged on this quite extensively. We use Scribe as 1/2 of the engine.