Passed first Scribe Insight Exam

Yes, I was busy learning and doing a lot of research about hosted crm 4.0. In my next post more about hosted crm 4.0, HMC 4.0 and Ensim Unify.

Last weeks I was busy with studying for certification for Scribe Insight. You have to do two exams, the adapter exam and then the server exam. Last week I finished my first exam and succeeded for the Scribe Certification Training for Microsoft CRM. The exam focus on the adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Workbench & Publisher for Scribe Insight.

The second exam will focus on Scribe Server and starting this week with my preparations. If more collegeaus becomes certified you earn higher level of partnership, more details about it at Partner Training


Anonymous said…
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Praful Gadge said…
Hi Geek,

As you are already certified I would like to ask the following questions:

1. What is the pattern of test?
2. How many questions includes in test?
3. How many right answers/percentage qualifies for certification?
4. What are the topics covered in test and from each topic percentage of questions covered?
5. How much time we should allocate for preparation of these certifications?

I want to appear for following certifications:

a. Scribe Workbench
b. Scribe Console
c. Salesforce Adapter
d. Web Services Adapter
e. Dynamics CRM Adapter

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks a lot in advance.