Working on hosted solutions

Yes, you missed some posting here. Currently I am working for new company called Irelate Netherlands, we also specialising in Microsoft CRM 4.0 :-)

At this moment I am researching all possibilities for hosted crm 4.0, which becomes very complex due to setting up Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange server. You might already read all documentation for Service Providers, but this still leaves out some issues like:

- how we get the login screen
- how we can provision our customers the easiest way
- what do we really need to begin a hosted environment

The documentation is very general and illustrated by a scenario of provider already running everything.

So, I hope to post more about this the coming few weeks.


Anonymous said…
Check out the guys at CRM OnTarget. They are launching a control panel in March that will allow MS partners to provision new hosted CRM accounts without even making a phone call. It is truly White Label and I know these guys are already hosting for Microsoft and several partners in EMEA.
Anonymous said…
You might want to take a look at The control panel will allow you to do everything you need, can be private labeled and later down the road will includ an API.

Thanks for your responses I will certainly check it out.