My first experience with CRM Data Migration Manager

Guess, I am not the only one who is setting up his own 4.0 image. I got everything running CRM 4.0 working fine, only no sample data yet. Hmmm, what to do now?

Lucky, I read the article on Menno's blog about sample data was released (see Available: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Sample Data .

After extracting the data I got a lot of csv files and also one xml file, so I thought I only need some account and some contacts. If you also attended the "What new in 4.0" seminar then you probably also see them do it, so that shouldn't be so hard.

I loaded the files, selected all separators (like comma's, quotes etc), associate it with the right entities and then started mapping. First I just clicked until I didn't have any feeling in my mouse hand... and then next, next etc... That's wasn't good idea, because all record ended up giving error. Like unable to lookup, yes relationships like parent account etc, value doesn't match etc.

Ok, second time I ignored all field related to other entities than account and contacts. Of course next, next, next and... Hmm error again... and I couldn't get back and started all over again.... After think fifth time I also noticed that some hint for mapping field didn't make any sense, for first time record... match the field modified by... hmmm seems bit strange. So, be very careful with it!

I had anything finally in place and then still got error but now on invalid data format, in the csv the value "YES" couldn't match Boolean field... so that was too much for last night and decided watching CSI Miami was better idea.

If I get it working I will let you know.