Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – Connector for SQL Reporting Services

Many new things about the new version popup every moment, so you could have already read about very nice new and improved functionality like:

Introduction of Workflow foundation
The previous workflow engine has been replaced by workflow foundation and is now integrated in the GUI of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It offers now smoother user interface and lots more functionality.

>>See for more details the post about workflows at Menno’s blog.

One of the major annoyances in the current version was the many-to-many relationship. The workaround was to introduce an new entity between two entities you wanted to have the many-to-many relationship.
The new version delivers better solutions like: Multiple Relationships Between Entities, Many-to-Many System-System, System-Custom & Custom-Custom and Self-Referential.

>>See for more details the post about relationships at Simon Hutson’s blog.

Duplicate Detection
How many times did we not spend hours and hours to solve issues concerning duplicates, cleans imported data, try to prevent duplicates in your system. The new version delivers better and enhanced features to help you keep your data integrity.

>> More details about it at blog of Philip Richardson

Connector for SQL Reporting Services
If you are also involved in technical roll-out or installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM one of the most irritating errors you could have is with reporting, the unauthorized error. Many times I was busy with all kb articles about Kerberos protocol, tweaks in registries, the document about SRS etc. This nightmare is of course generally known as “double hop authentication”.

In the new version this will be placed in the past for always, yes finally! The new version comes with an connector for SQL Reporting Services, which solved this issue. And I think, this change would be one of the most appreciated for people installing the software itself and saves us many grey hairs and headaches :-)