Biztalk Server 2006 vs Scribe Insight (1)

A few years I ago I visited the Microsoft DevDays in The Hague (Netherlands, where I attended one of the session after the lunch break. This session was about the new release of Biztalk server, I am not sure but thought it was about 2002 version. At that time it was not in my scope as web developer, but now this software comes back into focus for data migration or integration with Microsoft CRM.

I finished the book of Daniel Woolston (see previous post) and this gives me an idea and hopefully the basics knowledge of Biztalk server :-) Really looking forward to actually use this software in one of my projects and seems that I will this month. I probably regret what I am saying then, because software is of course never perfect.

As I wrote in my previous postings we usually choose for third party tool Scribe Insight, because it makes quick roll outs possible and its license is cheaper then Biztalk server.

Last Augustus Scribe Insight has raised the prices for their products for first time since 5 year. Still compared to license prices of Biztalk Server this is a lot cheaper. The prices depend on your contract with Microsoft.

There are of course similarities between Biztalk & Scribe Insight both:
  • integrate with web services of MS CRM
  • integrates with different protocols like: msmq, xml, flat files
  • both (can) use MS SQL Server database
  • data manipulation
  • data validation
  • workflows
  • can be installed on dedicated server

    And yes there are some differences too :-)
  • Biztalk development with Visual Studio / Scribe Insight development with own GUI
  • Biztalk converts input always to xml / Scribe Insight doesn’t convert inputs
  • Biztalk have very good documentation / Scribe Insight minimum

    So for now only a high level overview, I try to go more in dept in my next post about Biztalk vs Scribe Insight. At the moment, I am setting up my playground, where I can test Biztalk against MS Dynamics CRM.

    And yes, more is coming…
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