"...Customer Rip-off management..."

It was little quiet for some time due to my holiday :-) This week arrived back at the office and turned on the pc's again. I tried to have non-connected holiday and I almost succeeded with it.

At my company I attended the first day of a general CRM course organised by Beeckestijn, they are based in the Netherlands. Personally I am very skeptic about any kind of course. In my previous post I wrote that I am more a book guy and even then I am very critical which book I like best or meets my taste.

The first day was about the general concept about CRM, what is it, definition of CRM, the vision, mission and strategy of company for crm. Basically the idea is that CRM is a philosophy which is based in your companies way of working. All parts of the company are involved e.g. marketing, sales, services, management etc. If you see behind the product of Microsoft Dynamics CRM you see the same basics coming back, so for us it shouldn't be new :-)

During the course some google results of the abbreviation CRM where mentioned. Some of the highlights:

Customer Rip-off Management
Customer Rights Movement
Centre de Recerca Matematica

Maybe you know some more, so just put it in the comments :-) One thing I have to mention that I am moderating the comments now, because some people like to put in their advertising for some product or what so ever, which is very annoying.

I still owe you the article about Biztalk vs Scribe Insight and I continued working on it after my holiday.