CRM Essentials

Besides working on project I also assist with some presales presentations. Of course we use the May image and enhance it with CRM Analytics.

Unfortunately this "extended" image cost more memory to run. For demonstration you would like to show the potential customer a smooth demo without the tragic hour glass :)

I personally use WD Passport 120 GB, very nice disk, small, no adapter and performs OK. Nevertheless the "extended" image was bit too much and with my 2 GB laptop it didn't work very nice, especially for demonstrations it's too slow.

Today I tested the WD My Book Essential Edition 500 GB, it's big, it's need adapter, it's noisy but it's fast! :) The internal disk (3.5") runs at 7200rpm and now with only 1.4 GB the "extended" image would run so much better. Of course I am not satisfied yet so tonight I will test it with a laptop with 4 GB, so more memory to the image and it should fly.

Guess, I have to buy one for myself to for demo purposes, developing and storage... :-) It would certainly saves a lot of annoyances.