Positioning Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Since the start of my career I am always interesting in development of software like Office, OS, MS SQL Server etc. In the developing software of Microsoft you see the movement to integration with Visual Studio interface. The biggest change in MS SQL 2005 was the new UI and of course everything was renamed to Studio.
In the Dynamics products you also see same kind of developments for example the UI of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also now available for other Dynamics products like: AX 4.0 with SP2(if I am not mistaken) and NAV 5.0.

The last couple of years I visited many conventions, seminars of Microsoft and the strategy presented was a central application with other application around it. Of course I am talking about Sharepoint. At the conventions I attended few weeks ago about Dynamics (CRM, Ax and Nav) at every stand data from these three applications were shown in yes… Sharepoint.

Personally, I think that end users would like to have one tool available, which provides all the data they need, with emphasis on need. Too often I see in CRM projects that screens are overloaded with data, like in the old days, while most of the data is not used. The lesson learned is the common quote “less is more” at seminars, meeting etc.

The latest release of Sharepoint, Office, Exchange and also Vista show that data can be presented in many ways like dashboards, pivot tables, Outlook and gadgets. All very interesting developments which offers new opportunities and challenges while implementing Microsoft CRM.

It gives us food for thought, but won't all these enhancements turn out to be too overwhelming..